Hillary Brush-Wilson

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January 2014

I just heard from Hillary and she advised me that she is doing great!  She is living back in California with her 4 cats and a new addition . . . a pet chicken! 

She just recently started back to school at the Community College and for an ECE - Early Childhood Education in Special Education.

We continue to wish Hillary well, and hope that our paths will cross again one day . . . .on healthy terms!

August 2013
I continue to stay in touch with Hillary via facebook.  She and her husband Bob are still living in California and she continues to be well.  It was an honor and a pleasure meeting her and getting to know her.  We are happy that we could help her along her journey and pleased that she is doing well.

August, 2010
Hillary has completed all of her treatment and is in remission.  She and her husband Bob have moved back to California, and are doing well.  We are honored to have been a part of her journey; and wish her all the best. 

Hillary & Board Members
(l-r) Joanne, Kathy, Hillary, Barbara, Roger

Hillary Brush Wilson



Hillary has been doing well.  This is a photo taken 4/24/2010 at the 5th Annual Walking with Friends Cancer Benefit. 


The black and white photo above of Hillary is one of the professional photos taken by Katja Kruppe; our volunteer photographer.  Katja is working on a coffee table book; featuring cancer patients.  Hillary was the first patient to be photographed. 


Please help us as we continue to support

Hillary during her battle.


 Mailing Address:
PO Box 2479
Church Hill TN 37642