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2017 Copayments

Copay Count
YTD Total
2nd Event

March (HRCC)



1004 Copays made since the
program began in 2007

275 Copays made in 2016 alone!

539 Copays made since teaming up with
the Kovacs Family

Over half of ALL of our copays have been made as a direct result of their efforts since 2014!


Since 2014 when Friends of Suzanne was introduced to the Kovacs family this program has grown, and thrived.  When Suzanne Kovacs passed away, her family was looking for a way to heal, and a way to make a difference in the lives of those living with a cancer diagnosis.  After meeting with Friends of Suzanne board members, they took it upon themselves to spring into action creating a fundraiser that would honor their loved one, Suzanne.  It is a coincidence that Suzanne would have the same name of the original namesake and reason for the start of the organization. 

With their diligent efforts and total devotion to the cause, they have been able to raise enough money to hold 19 copay days in 2017. 

In 2016 the 3rd Annual Suzanne Kovacs Memorial Yard Sale was held raising more money than anyone imagined.

In 2016, as a direct result of the families efforts 275 copays were made.  In January of 2017 there were 21 copays made, kicking off the year with  great start. 

 Mailing Address:
PO Box 2479
Church Hill TN 37642